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Training courses

Our training courses are adapted to the needs of our customers, that is our motto. That's why we offer a complete range of products, whether in person or remotely, in groups or individually, on site or in our centers, and much more. Our teams are at the forefront of progress in teaching methods and we are constantly inventing and reinventing our own profession. This ensures that you get the best modern results at the best prices.
  • Intra-company groups: closed courses reserved for employees of a single company (on your premises, in our center or as webclass)
  • Inter-company groups: open courses involving employees from several companies  (on our premises or as webclass)
  • Private lessons: individual lessons (on your premises, in our center or as webclass)
  • Semi-private lessons: course for two (at your premises, in our center or as webclass)
  • Total or partial immersion: very intensive individual courses, up to 8 hours per day (at your premises, in our center or as webclass)
  • Language workshops: group courses from half a day to week long
  • Thematic seminars: group courses

Our programs

Course packages are adapted to all situations

The inlingua approach is both communicative and functional. Exclusive and unique materials ensure effective learning and optimal results.

We offer two parallel approaches: one general, and the other professional (business). These two programs have been designed in such a way that it is possible to switch from one to the other at any time. In each of these programs, you’ll find a wide range of international and multicultural situations and contexts, a wide variety of visual and auditory supports, regular vocabulary revisions, structures, pronunciation exercises and much more.

General Program
  • Use common language
  • Expand vocabulary / lexical expressions, and express oneself more precisely
  • Acquire greater fluency and confidence
  • Possible combination with our professional modules
Exam Program
  • Put effort into practice through a formal review
  • Available for all official exams in English (Cambridge, Toefl,...),
  • German (Goethe Institut), French (DELF), Spanish (DELE), Italian (CELI),...
  • Benefit from a strict follow-up by professionals
  • Master the subject, content and form of the exams
General Professional Program
  • Use the language in a professional setting
  • Practice language skills in context
  • Acquire effective communication in all circumstances
  • Strengthen the gains that have been made
Professional modules
  • Target language based on participants' functions
  • Communicate with greater confidence and clarity
  • Acquire appropriate terminology in a wide range of disciplines
  • Expand language skills related to the professional world in general

Our targeted and specific modules cover a range of situations related to specific functions and sectors: Reception,telephoning, correspondence, e-mail, presentations, meetings, negotiating, socialisation across cultures, meetings, purchases, sales, intercultural communication, finance, interviewing, human resources, banking, real estate, legal, medical, hospitality,...
Our centres also develops other thematic seminars and specific modules on request.

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